My name is Tom Mills, and I am new to this whole ‘blog’ concept, so forgive if I’m not doing it right.  I would like to populate these pages with travel tales and fond memories.  But please bear with me, with your help, I hope this might be of some interest.

Thank you!

Pursuant to which, I’d like to begin these stories with, not one of my own, but with a travel-log of my Great-grand uncle Peter Mills’ journal of his first and only trip to the U.S. in 1928, many years before the United States’ interstate highway system was even a concept.  It is a fascinating insight!  I will faithfully transcribe it as best I can.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. What great luck that I stumbled on this. I’m trying to find some historical background related to my ancestors’ drug store in Dunlap – Kavanagh Drug.
    Found a picture of my Great-Grand Uncle Mike Kavanagh in front of the store in the 1920’s – just this evening while rummaging through photos. I got a real kick out of your Great-grand uncle’s account of his meeting Mike Kavanagh. Just fantastic!

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